Sunday 22 September 2013

Wild Rose Birthday Cards

Last year I found out about an organization that gives Birthday and Christmas gifts to isolated Senior's, so my friends and I put together a few cards. I somehow thought I missed the deadline though, so didn't do much more about it until the beginning of the month THIS year.

Turns out, Seniors Secret Service (click HERE for information on the organization) is low on birthday cards now and they were more than happy to accept our donation. If you follow my blog, you know I make a lot of cards! I went through my stash and pulled anything that would work for a Birthday card. Then I stamped a birthday greeting in every single one.

On Friday, I delivered 142 cards to the Seniors Secret Service office. 142!!  They give out an average of 200 a month though, so my efforts wouldn't even get them through this month.  I've decided to help out by continuing to make them Birthday cards.

Here are the first three that will go into the next box:

I mistakenly ordered A4 envelopes awhile back, so this is a perfect opportunity to use them! Most of the cards I plan on making will be 4x6", and fit in those envelopes perfectly. Plus, I can get three 4x6" folded cards out of a single sheet of 12x12" paper!

Because the patterned paper isn't sturdy enough for a card base (I don't like a 'wussy' card), I lined these ones with white card stock.

I added glitter glue, gems, ribbon and stamped & punched butterflies.  Since the cards will be attached to the gift bags (also filled with donations) and hand delivered (by volunteer drivers), I can go ahead and add bulky embellishments like bling and ribbon knots & bows. Woo Hoo!

I have added a 'Seniors Secret Service' label to my blog as well, in case anyone is interested in looking at the different cards I'm donating.

Sorry about the cut off watermark on some of the photos. I'm still figuring out Lightroom and obviously ticked a box I shouldn't have.  I edited a bunch of card photos in the same batch though and I'm thinking they will all have the same problem.  Gotta love a learning curve!

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. they are so beautiful
    Have a nice day

  2. Hi, Karen! I was just leaving you a comment, & my computer just shut down unexpectedly! So I'll try it again.

    Your cards are simply BEAUTIFUL! They will be SO loved & appreciated by the recipients. What a LOVELY contribution you are making for such a fabulous cause!

    Last year, after visiting my Sweet Mom at a rehabilitation center/nursing home, my heart went out to all the seniors there. I made, & collected lots of beautiful cards made by my Flick friends, to deliver to this place. Delivering those cards, in person, to each of those lovely seniors, was such a moving & heartwarming experience. I shed so many tears, at the thought of them feeling so alone & possibly forgotten.

    Karen, I know your cards will be SO appreciated!
    Many blessings to you!


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