Thursday 27 June 2013

Birthday Card for our Daughter

This morning is a morning when coffee is needed.

I was up during the night with Mr. Cooper, who had an upset stomach; and I woke up this am to find our city in yet another emergency situation. Our State of Emergency hasn't even lifted from the flooding yet. Please send us your thoughts and prayers that this latest crisis can be averted, because if not ... well ... I can't even begin to think of the fallout.

I'm still not feeling very creative - there are so many people here that are in dire straits and the tragedy has almost overwhelmed me.  I do have a card to share today ... one I made before our city became a disaster zone. 

It might be a strange image to put on a birthday card, ha ha ... but it's actually perfect. Our daughter has red hair. Our daughter loves to garden. Our daughter is SO proud that she grows organic vegetables for her little family.  See? It's perfect!

I used a Sizzix scalloped card die for the base, and this adorable scrapbook kit I found on clearance at our local scrapbook store last week.  (It was pouring rain that day -- who would have thought that a few days later our city and surrounding area would be forever changed because of water).

I actually made two cards from this kit, since I know how much our daughter will love the images. This one is for my parents to give her.

I think I need some serious card making time today, just to help me feel grounded again. However, I cannot tear myself away from the TV, watching this latest emergency develop here. We are in no actual danger at this point, but if things 'go south' ... nope ... won't send those thoughts into the universe. 

Big Sigh.

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