Thursday 29 September 2011

Silhouette and Floral Cards

Tis the season.

For mice.

I know this as I saw the tell tale sign of MOUSE POO on my pantry floor. But I wasn't too concerned. I have 2 mouse traps set all the time, and I check them every morning. I was ticked that a mouse had managed to make it's way into the house, but sure the traps would take care of him.

Yesterday morning I came downstairs to get the dogs their breakfast, and when we entered the kitchen (I hadn't even flipped on the lights yet)  Cooper went over to paw at something at the edge of the dishwasher. Thinking it was a chew toy, I reached down to pick it up. AACK - there was a shreik (from me!!) as I picked up a tripped mouse trap - accompanied by a huge dust bunny. My mind was processing this waaaaay too slowly in the dark.

Apparently we have a super-strength mouse. There are only 2 ways to get the trap from it's hiding spot beside the fridge/wall across the kitchen to the dishwasher. One is up and over the fold up stool wedged in there, or drag it under the fridge and out. Which he must have done, thus the big dust bunny. AACK.

Last night - after being home all day and puttering around in the kitchen - I found MOUSE POO on the shelves in the pantry. !!  Apparently he is not only super-strength, he is acrobatic and he has a friend. A friend who is boosting him up onto the upper shelves and then somehow helping him down. AFTER he nibbled on my barley, oatmeal and beans. Grrrrrrr. I bet he was probably hiding in among my canned goods when I was reaching into the pantry yesterday. Watching and chuckling at me when the pantry door closed - then POOPING all over the top of my canned goods. Grrrrrr.

So - late last night, G and I emptied the pantry and washed down the shelves and set FIVE traps. Yup - this morning we had caught two of the dirty little pooping critters. I am picking up more traps this morning. Grrrrrr.

On a happier note - here are a couple of A2 sized cards I made over the summer:

The silhouettes were Cricut cut from the 'Storybook' cartridge, and the pretty floral patterned paper is by K&Co.

I added a dab of glitter glue and some self-adhesive gems, but it's still a mail friendly card. When I mail a card like this I usually add a card stock panel over the front when I slide it into the envelope.

Hopefully I am able to get a few more things done towards our Christmas Craft Sale today ... and then go shopping for mouse traps.  Ahhh, the joys of autumn.

:-)  Thanks for stopping by today!

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  1. Lovely cards Karen, the black frames are wonderful :)
    Sounds like you're getting the better of your little furry critters now!
    Jenny x


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