Friday 16 September 2011

Grey Knitted Headband

Knits are really trendy right now, and I can't believe I'm actually getting in on a trend. But I am SO hooked on loom knitting (pardon the pun) it's easy to be cranking out the knits. I just finished this knitted headband for myself. It looks really 'boxy' in the photos, but much better when it's on my head.

There are people who look good in hats, and there are people who do not. I fall into the latter category. In a Big Way. I look AWFUL in hats. But, come winter - they are a necessary evil as I walk my dogs every day and my ears get really, really cold. When I started loom knitting hats for our grand daughter, I had a brainstorm to make myself a headband. I didn't even know how popular they were - I just thought that I would look better in a headband than a hat. I was right. I put the first one on to show my husband, and he didn't spit out his supper, burst out laughing, or smirk.  This was a Very Good Sign! In fact, he even said the word 'Better'.  LOL - not good, but better. I'll take it.

I tapered the back of the first one I made to keep it from riding up (a common problem I have with hats) and knew I was onto something. I will have to photograph some of the other ones I've made too.

The above headband is made using a pale gray tweed wool twisted with a charcoal gray. It started out to be a hat for my brother for Christmas, but once I got going I decided I didn't like the narrow band after all. So - I did a chain-two cast-off, gathered the back and crochet a couple of flowers to sew on with a button.

Now I have another knitted headband that will keep me warm this winter.  I have a dressy scarf almost completed, and just made a 'Chemo Cap' for a friend going through cancer treatment. Yesterday when I was waiting for my Mom (heart test) I finished a pink & white hat for little Olivia!

 She looks so cute in the black hat I made her on the weekend, which is threaded with a pink ribbon. We will swap out the pink ribbon for a red one when it's cold enough for her to wear her little red coat.

Now THAT's how to wear a hat! She sure doesn't get that from her Gramma.

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  1. Clever you Karen - that's a great headband (but where's the photo of you wearing it?!!) Little Olivia looks as cute as a button in her beautiful hat! Vx

  2. Great knitting and oh what a poppet too :O) Viv xx


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