Tuesday 5 August 2014

Crocus Sticker Card

Good morning friends!

Thanks to everyone who inquired about our little Olivia. She is doing better as of yesterday, but it has been quite a concern. She was refusing to eat - even ice cream - or drink water. And it's HOT out so dehydration was something we were watching for. Then our daughter realized that the spoon hurt Olivia's tongue, as did the rim of the cups. When they suggested she 'put her whole mouth into the cup' and slurp … she was able to drink water again. Whew. As of yesterday, she was able to get down some baby food using one of those tiny baby spoons. She is a hungry 3 year old and SO happy to be able to eat something other than Yop, chocolate milk and water. She will start to feel better now that she can eat again.

I have another older card to share today … this was one that I set out at Easter, but didn't get posted.

I outlined the panels with my Sakura Sparkle gel pen, and you can see how it catches the light when the card is turned.

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. so nice- like the flower


  2. So glad Olivia is doing better. Beautiful card!


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