Monday 16 January 2012

Wedding Invitations

Well it's just been a week since the wedding date was chosen, and the invitations went out in the mail today. I did get all 27 finished on Friday, but wanted our daughter to check them before I stuffed the envelopes. They came by on Saturday night to finalize some more plans and to address the invitations.

Now my daughter and I have very different taste, and we are doing this wedding on a budget. She wanted something SIMPLE with nothing - NOTHING - fancy or fussy on the invitations. In her mind, fancy includes foam tape, and you know how much I like to use my foam tape!

However, they liked the whimsical bride and groom cut from the Stretch Your Imagination cartridge, so I was able to cut them out using my Cricut. Easy Peasy.

Getting the fine cuts off the new mat though, NOT so easy!

However, with some perseverance and a Cricut Spatula that I kept cleaning with baby wipes - I had success.

In the interest of keeping costs down, we decided to use things from my stash ... and because we were only making 27 invitations, we were able to do just that! Hmmm, does that mean I have a ton of stuff to choose from?  ;-)    They chose the background papers, ribbon and design, and the embossed invitations themselves were cut down using extra's from our eldest daughter's wedding. I cut them to 5" square so they would fit in my wonderful 5.5" envelopes. 


The ribbon is knotted, because inside they wanted it to read K*** and N*** are tying the knot. I computer printed the inside panel using their choice of fonts, on textured white card stock and attached them inside the invitations.

We have the venue, the menu, the officiant, and the photographer booked. My daughter bought her wedding dress yesterday, and I found my dress last week. The flights are booked for out-of-town guests, and lots of other little details have also been looked after. It's amazing what we have been able to accomplish in one short week.

The bride-to-be doesn't mind if I make wine bottle hanging tags, and I have them all figured out in my head. But we have to wait to find out of the venue will allow wine bottles on the table before I start. 

I wonder if I'll be able to use foam tape.

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. wow- thats fantastic ! Very nice are teh cards

  2. Sounds like wedding HQ is well under control Karen :)
    Love the invites and the tied knot is a brilliant touch. Thanks for the update :)
    Jenny x

  3. Wow,you're amazing,so organised and the invitations look fabulous.
    Jayne x

  4. I was just cracking up reading your story about you and your daughters different tastes. I totally sympathize. I got to do the thank yous (400 of them). Saw the dress after she bought it. NOT at all what I expected. Oh well! Good look with the foam tape and the wine bottles. LOL

  5. Karen - I've just caught up with your exciting news! Congratulations to the happy couple and how lucky your daughter is to have a mum who is thoughtful of her tastes. It sounds like a bit of a roller coaster but you seem to have everything under control!

  6. Dear Karen; those invitations are so GORGEOUS!!! of course, you are the best~ love them dear, many congrats!!!!!! you wrote so funny girl lol, love it light up my days!


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