Wednesday 4 January 2012

Loom Knit Scarflet

I have several loom knit pieces to share, so I'm thinking I will devote the occasional Wednesday to "warm and wooly" loom knitting.  ;-)  Considering that I keep buying yarns and have several projects on my looms at any given time, I should be able to keep up with "Warm And Wooly Wednesday's" for quite a while!

I made my Mom and my cousin each a scarflet for Christmas, and this is my Mom's. I whipped these up after I took them Christmas shopping, and I saw that my cousin had purchased a cream crochet hat at a recent craft sale, and my Mom was wearing one that she had bought at our November craft sale. Each scarflet matches their hats perfectly!

The pattern for this Lacey Scarflet is by Brenda Myers and I just love it. It keeps you warm and cozy, without the long dangling edges of a regular scarf. (When you are walking three dogs, long dangling edges are a PITA as you have to bend over to pick up after them).

I like that you can fold down the top edges for a lacy collar, or keep it turned up to keep out the wind.

I had more than enough of this yarn and since my mom is frequently cold I doubled the yarn. Good idea, but AWFULLY hard to loom knit. It took me over 3 times as long to finish this one as it did any of the others I have done, and then I had to come up with a creative way to close it up. It was too bulky to close the way the pattern indicates ...  however the two buttons work really well, as it can be buttoned up tight or just the bottom one will hold it in place under her coat.

The stitch gives the edges a lovely picot look and I haven't had to block any that I have made so far. Bonus!

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  1. thats a good idea!

  2. ooo this looks snugly and warm Karen... love the way it can be buttoned up too :)
    Jenny x

  3. This is cute. If I can find a great yarn, I just may try it.

    Oh...and this.

    You wrote:
    I should be able to keep up with "Warm And Wooly Wednesday's" for quite a while!

    It's actually spelled "Wednesdays", since you're referencing more than 1 Wednesday because you're going to be doing this for more than 1 week. The apostrophe is reserved only for possession: Wednesday's snow.

    Awhile is one word, too.

    No offense meant, but I have to correct when I see it. Makes me sad that adults have trouble with this. I don't know when Canada teaches this in school, but we learn it around age 10 or 11.

    Anyway, I hope I find more original patterns for the looms. I've been taking very cool patterns meant only for needles and figuring out how to create them on the looms. Increasing and decreasing were the most challenging, but I finally got it. And that was before anyone was altering patterns for the loom.

    Thanks again!


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