Monday 20 May 2013

Nuts About You Love Note

I love getting 'Happy Mail'.

It's such a treat to look through the bills and junk mail and see something hand addressed to me. To look at the return address and smile with recognition. The anticipation of opening the envelope, and the comfort of knowing someone was thinking of me.  I want that for our Grandkids. I want them to be excited to get an envelope from Gramma.  Or Great Grammy, because she feels the same.  So, every once in a while I pop a 'Love Note' into the mail for them.

They are still very young ... barely 2 years and 10 months. So they aren't too fussy about what is actually on the card longer than about 2 seconds and that gives me a chance to use up some mismatched stickers and embellishments. And a chance to practice with my Sizzix Pop N Cuts dies.

So the felt bird on the front matches the patterned card stock but has nothing to do with the squirrel and large acorn inside.  The inside piece shifted when I was assembling it (which is why I need practice). That's OK.  They will be waving the card around and grinning and they will be happy until something else catches their eye.

BUT - on the way home from the mailbox, they will be excited to carry an envelope that is hand addressed to them. They will feel special, and that is the whole point.

I'm also thinking a little package of 'Love Notes' for the Great Grandkids might be a nice stocking stuffer for my Mom!

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  1. so cute are both cards
    Hello from Elma


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