Thursday 20 October 2011

Mini Coin Purse

I came across a YouTube video on crocheting a Mini Coin Purse and it was SOOOOO cute I had to try it. Worked like a charm, so I made 5 using leftover bits of wool and have them all packaged up for the Christmas Craft Sale.  Thanks BobWilson123.

They are the perfect size to hold a Loonie or Twoonie, and I immediately thought of 'Shopping Cart Coins'. I included a Loonie (our $1 coin) and a Quarter (25 cent coin) in each little pouch.

They are held closed with a button, and there is a little loop to attach it to your keychain or inside your purse etc.   Here they are, packaged for the sale:

The little frame graphic is by Lettering Delights, but I adjusted the colours on the original file to better match my projects. 
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  1. Oh these are absolutely darling Karen, perfect for the sale and a great way to use up oddments of wool too :)
    Jenny x


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