Friday 28 October 2011

Loom Knit Cowl

I'm completely un-inspired. Completely. Being stuck here with contractors who really couldn't move any slower is downright depressing. Yesterday I had people in and out most of the day, so at least things were PROGRESSING. Today? They managed to put up a sheet of Tyvek. And sanded down an uneven strip of wood. And boarded up a hole under the new sliding door that I'm lucky I noticed.

You see, I don't want CRITTERS in the house. We made ourselves perfectly clear - do not leave the opening for the new door unattended. I was thinking mice. But look at the size of the hole that they left yesterday and went for their hour long lunch.

That is big enough for a BEAR to wander in, should one have been in the mood to come check out the inside of a house. OMG. (The black fenced in area is our little dog-run, and above it are the beams for the new deck.).  Never mind the critters, the house was flippin' FREEZING! It was 2 degrees outside and they didn't even put up a sheet of poly when they drove off for their lunch break. 

I had loom knit a cowl to put in our Christmas Craft Sale, but ended up so cold I had to wear it. I don't mind, ha ha - I really like it. 

Even though I didn't have time for it, I did a quick dash to Michaels on Tuesday morning. I thought I'd seen somewhere they were having a huge yarn sale. Well - I was wrong, but they DID have the new Martha Stewart loom set and I had myself a 40% off coupon.  Score.  
I think her idea is great - you get several sections of different sizes and shapes to create weaving or knitting looms in various sizes and configurations. Cool. Even better - it comes with both large and small gauge pegs!  So I put together an oval loom using large pegs and every other hole.  I had 46 pegs, and I think it was a little large for a cowl. But now I know.  :-)

I did a 'chain 2' bind-off and I like the lacy look of it. I wanted it to have some 'give' and it does! However, I have a very short neck (more like no neck) and with the cowl being somewhat large - I had to fold it around my neck at the back when I wore it with my coat. So I did a 2 peg icord and threaded it through the large stitch holes. That way I can snug it up if I want to, or loosen it if I don't need it to be quite so warm.  

The beautiful yarn came from a local knitting store and it looks SO much nicer in real life. It has a satin sheen to it and now I want another skein in a different colour. I really enjoyed using it - it ranges from thick and fuzzy to thin and satin'y.  Beautiful stuff. I think I may becoming a 'yarn snob'. I could have spent a small fortune in that shop.

I used the Lacy Diamond stitch for the entire cowl - and even though it looks like the stitches are fairly loose - it keeps me really nice and warm!

So today is Friday, and it took these guys the entire week to get one sliding door in. It's not trimmed or insulated or anything. Just installed. Gregg put on the hardware when he got home from work - they didn't even do that.  But it's not cold in the house anymore at least, so I only wear my cowl when I go out to walk the dogs.

Happy Friday - and thanks for stopping by today.

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  1. Oh my Goodness, leaving that hole in those cold temperatures was just not on....good job you had your cowl to wear! Love the different yarn widths used together and it's such a pretty colour.We've not got to cowl wearing weather wont be long tho!
    Jenny :)


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