Friday 13 May 2016

Felt Birthday Cake Flip-It Card

Good morning friends.

I mentioned that I like to bring my wonderful Dental Hygienist a set of birthday cards when I see her. Well, I was on an 'on call' list and they let me know they had an opening this week if I could make it. Well yes! And I even had all Anne's cards ready.

The appointment didn't go well. I had had a toothache last month that seemed to resolve itself but I pointed it out anyhow. She was concerned. She took an Xray which showed a large abscess under a tooth that already had a root canal and a crown. Because I'm on immune suppressing drugs for my RA, I likely wasn't able to fight the infection. It's fairly serious - infection in the bone when you are immune suppressed is never a good thing. They got me started on antibiotics right away and the specialist saw me two days later. He determined that the infection has been there for a long time - & maybe some of how I've been feeling the past year has been because of that.

Now I remain in a holding pattern while the dentist and specialist figure out the best options. My new RA meds have also been put on hold. The insurance denied the next preferred drug, so now it's between them and the Rheumy. Obviously though, until the abscess is cleared up and my mouth has healed from whatever route we have to go - no new Rheumatoid Arthritis meds for me.

Meanwhile, it's Flip-It Friday and here is one of the cards I put in Anne's card pack ...

 The front has a fun felt birthday cake that I found on clearance somewhere. They were actually on clothespins, but I removed the cakes to use them as card embellishments.

Beige Astroparche card stock
Square Flip-It - Sizzix
Felt cake - stash
Patterned paper - Carta Bella
Words - My Favorite Things

Card size - A2

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  1. your card is very nice - love the paper too

  2. ouch! sorry to hear about your dentist appointment, hope they work out a solution quickly for you. Love your flip-its card as always :)

  3. I just got this die and I really appreciate your card as I'm learning how to use it. Well done.


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