Thursday 29 December 2011

Mens Loom Knit Hats

I'm back!

I had a rough couple of days, but I think I was just exhausted. When we were walking the dogs yesterday, DH suggested we invited people out for New Years Eve and I just wanted to stop walking, curl up into a ball and have him leave me there in the snow.

Not a good sign.

He just gave me That Look when I said NO. He just does not understand how much effort it is to host company for a weekend. I usually don't even bat an eye at it - but when my reserves are down it can get to be a bit much. And I was completely OUT of reserves by yesterday.

However, I rested and knit and sat by the fire. I had a nap, and we had easy meals ... with my Mom (my parents are staying with us at the cabin for a few days) looking after meal clean up and setting the table etc (Thanks Mom) ... I am feeling pretty much back to normal and peaceful again. 

With no desire to sleep outside in the snow so people would  Leave. Me. Alone.    Whew! I really don't like to feel like that.

I haven't been able to get into my studio -- between guests, errands, visiting, visitors, and the fact that it looks like a bomb went off in there ... but I do have some loom knit hats to share today.

I gave everyone a loom knit hat / toque for Christmas this year. It was fun choosing the yarn(s) for each person, and changing each hat just a little. Of course, the earlier ones are far more basic than the latter as I learned new stitches and tried new things on my own.

Some of these have double knit brims for extra warmth, some have longer brims that can be rolled up as needed, or pulled down to keep the ears and back of the neck warm.  

Everyone seemed to like them, so that made me happy. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today.


  1. Hi Karen,
    Your hats are wonderful, and your blog is very inspiring. I'm glad you stopped by my blog, too. I hope you enjoy the patterns.
    Take care,

  2. your hats are nice- good health for you and a Happy new year

  3. My sweet friend I hope you are feeling better by now and take the time to recharge your batteries! for the new year. Love your hats, I hope one day you can knit one for me lol . rest and relax! ok big hugs from /florida!!!!!!xoxo

  4. Glad to know that you are feeling better, Karen. Been there, done that too! A couple of months ago, my DH casually said "oh, my sister and her husband are coming for the weekend" and I had a total meltdown. The house was a mess and I had a major event I had to work that weekend. Really, the DH's seem to have NO CLUE what it takes to entertain! After the meltdown, he called his sis and suggested they come another weekend - LOL!

    You hats are awesome. Looks like they were fun to make too! Sitting by a fire and knitting sounds so wonderfully relaxing.

  5. Hi Karen,

    I love the first hat you have pictured! Can you tell me what loom you used, what cast on stitch, what stitch you used on the brim, and what the stitches are on the top? Can you tell I love it and want to copy?!

    Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks for the comment, and I'm glad you liked the hats. These were among the first ones I made and back then I didn't keep track. Now I have a little scribbler and I try to record the information for each project I loom knit.
      From the picture, I'd say I did a garter stitch brim (1 row e-wrap, 1 row purl), then it would have been e-wrapped for the rest. They were purely basic hats back then. :-)
      Possibly I moved every 6th loop onto the adjoining pegs to reduce the bulk at the top of the hat, I do this on the 3rd to last row. It's just a guess as I have yet to measure how long to make a hat. Then you continue to e-wrap and just skip the pegs with no loops on them. That reduces the bulk at the crown when you go to do the gathered bind off. I do that now, but I'm not sure if I did it back with these hats.
      I have stopped posting loom knitting projects on this blog, and instead started a loom knitting blog. You can check me out over there ...

    2. Thanks Karen! I'm new to loom knitting so basic is good for me! I checked out your new blog--I've already been there before. Great site!

  6. How do I join this blog? I am a new loom knitter and just having a great time knitting for St. Jude's. Am looking to connect with fellow loom knitters for support and just general conversation. Thanks and have a great day.

    1. Hi Lynne - I moved all my Loom Knitting projects over to a new blog ... I thought it would be easier than loom knitters having to weed through the card posts, and the card people skipping all the loomed projects.
      I've been busy with other things so not doing as much Loom Knitting as before but it's only a temporary setback. Good luck with your looming!


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