Sunday 26 October 2014

More Sparkly Framed Cards

Good morning friends.

Before we moved, my stamps were (mostly) organized. I had all the wood mounted in plastic drawer units and a couple of large drawers in the big closet. The plan was to shrink wrap those drawer units and have the movers move them as is, into our garage. The night before the move, I had a panic attack and knew we'd be hooped if the movers didn't take pieces like those. So I dumped those organized drawers into a couple of big boxes. DUMPED.

Those boxes are still in my garage and it's going to take days and days to get them back organized into their drawers once I'm ready for that task.  They will have to stay in the garage as there is no room for those stamps in my studio. AACK!  I'm a stamper! However, getting to the stamps in the garage is going to be way easier than getting to them if they were in a basement bedroom, so I'm going to have to adapt.

Yesterday I unpacked my Stampin' Up ink pad tower, and put it on one of my new tabletops. Then I found a couple of boxes that contained my clear stamps that are in DVD cases. Woot! Those are in clear bins that are now stacked in the closet IN the studio!  I also found my big paper cutter, my pencil crayons and adhesive refills.

Then I got myself a little stamping area all set up. I'm a happy camper now. Ha!  Just need to get some time to actually DO some stamping.

I'm sharing some older photos today. When I finished the two snowman sticker cards last year (see THIS post)  I decided to make 2 additional cards using the same sparkly striped paper and frame die (Sizzix).  Here are the cards all together:

I was just so happy to be able to finally use the Sizzix frame die! Using the larger card base was just the ticket.

This little plastic snowflake is glittered on both sides, and suspended with fishing line. It's fairly flat, and with a small piece of thin bubble wrap in the envelope it will still mail for a single stamp.

I've been picking away at unpacking my Studio. My knee is really sore (waiting for the meds to kick in any day now) so it's going much slower than it would if I had full mobility. However, I think I have all my Christmas embellishments, papers and finished cards unpacked and it looks like I have enough cards made to get me through the holidays. Whew!

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. nice cards

  2. Your cards look great and good for you for planning ahead getting these cards done. When I read you post, believe me, I can identify with you. We moved two weeks ago and my studio is a work in progress too. I got my table set up and a friend came over just Sunday and we had a wonderful, relaxing time stamping again. I have lots of stuff still in the garage to unpack and put away. Will it ever end? Yes, I believe it will and I WILL NEVER MOVE AGAIN :)

    1. Linda - I hear you. I don't ever want to move from here either! Good luck with your new home and getting your studio ready.


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