Tuesday 28 February 2012

Rose Knit 'Infinity' Scarf

**Edited.  I found out a few minutes ago that today is actually TUESDAY and not WEDNESDAY. Ahahahaha - can you tell I'm on holidays?  Ahh well, I'm leaving this post up for today AND tomorrow. Sheesh.  I was SURE today was Wednesday.  ;-)

I finished the 'Infinity' Scarf,' and thought I'd share the pictures here for my 'Warm and Wooly' Wednesdays. It was made from an artisan yarn, so it's not overly soft  -- but it is pretty! Because it's not chunky or bulky, it can be worn in the Spring and Fall.

The original post, showing the loom and yarn I used is HERE, and an updated photo on THIS post.
For the pattern, I used Robin McCoy's "Summer Spirals' stitch. Her pattern is for a lightweight hat, done on a KISS loom (on my wish list, ha ha).

The scarf turned out really good - it was tricky, and I had to pay attention to the pattern repeats - but I'm so glad I tried it. And it was great to use the loom I got for Christmas!

 In this bottom photo, the pattern looks like it is straight rows, but you can see in the other two that it does form a diagonal line.

It's not a true Infinity Scarf, as it is a full circle. I believe an Infinity scarf is knit as a flat panel, with the ends joined together in a circle after you twist one of them around. Like a mobius twist!

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  1. looks very nice

  2. That's a really pretty stitch pattern Karen and love the colour choice too :0)
    Jenny x


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