Tuesday 14 February 2012

It Can Be Done

It can be done.

In this city of over a million people, where weddings are Big Business and all wedding related prices are hugely over-inflated, one can pull of a beautiful wedding on a budget.

It can be done, by avoiding as many wedding related things as possible! Lovely candle centerpieces can be made with items from a local dollar store.

Beautiful flowers can form 2 bouquets and adorn all nine tables - in glass vases - for under $120. No, I didn't miss a zero on that flower cost.

A wedding dress doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars. Or even $500. And it can be stunning.

It can be done with only a month to plan it.

It can be done when the venue you choose goes above and beyond to help your wedding day be extra special (Thanks, Heritage Park, Jackie and Scott).

It can be done, when the photographer is willing to leave her young family at home on a Saturday night, to come and use her talents to capture the special moments for us.
(Thanks, Christina - of Christina Dawn Photography).

It can be done when out of province family members drop everything and book a flight to come and celebrate.

It can be done when all the people you care about, are as surprised that It Can Be Done as you are. And they are as happy about it as you are. And they surround you to share in the special day.

When a FRIEND of the bride and groom can perform the ceremony. (Thanks Oren).

When your future Son-In-Law's parents are willing to fly half way around the globe to a continent they have never been on without knowing any English.  Who don't give up even when they are stuck for 26 hours in the London airport and are unable to leave the terminal to find a hotel.

Who come even though it's colder here than anywhere they have ever been. Who said they would be here even if they had to walk. Who are wonderful, and may never really understand how happy we are to have them here.

It can be done, and it was truly a lovely wedding.

Truly Lovely.

It can be done, but I am glad it's behind us now.

I Am Really, Really Tired.

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. wish the young couple all the best!!! sounds it was a nice wedding for all!


  2. I take my hat off to you Karen, sounds hard work but the result looks like a wonderful day..... Such a beautiful couple :0)
    Jenny x

  3. What a lovely post! That is how I did my wedding years ago too. Sounds like an abolutely perfect day! My daughter just married too and we did most all of it ourselves. I am still recovering LOL!
    Thanks for popping in today to say hello. Your blog is absolutely delightful!

  4. I am so pleased you all had such a great day and thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos. Your daughter looked beautiful and I wish them all the best for married life together.
    Jayne x


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