Saturday 27 August 2011

Fun with Felt

First, I am sorry about the delay in answering questions and emails ... we have out of town guests who have an 8 month old baby. It's busy! The day starts early. Really early. 5:30 am early.  :-}

I didn't get into my studio all week, so by Friday I knew I needed to just MAKE SOMETHING. I took some time out of my day and got to try cutting felt.  It worked like a charm!  I cut three (yes, three) leaves from a lovely burgundy felt with a Tim Holtz Die.  I used my 2x4" and 4x4" formula to cut a piece of kraft card stock and patterned paper. I cut three sets.  When I went to assemble them though, one leaf has completely disappeared!  So ... here are two of the cards I made.  Sheesh.

My first discovery was that the die cut pieces are 'wussy'. They are limp and I figured they would be hard to glue down without the glue showing on the right side of the felt. My solution is to use my Xyron to attach a piece of paper or cardstock to the back of the felt and cut it. It worked like a charm!!!
I used patterned paper from K&Co, twine from Michaels, and the ribbon, button and embossing folder are by Stampin' Up.

I was on a roll so also cut a felt snowman, several deer, snowflakes and a Christmas stocking ... all with a paper backing. Fun  fun FUN!!

It is going to be another busy day tomorrow, with getting everyone packed up and out of here and then booting it back to the city for dinner guests.  I likely won't be able to post or answer questions/emails until at least Monday.

Thanks for stopping by today


  1. love all you make dear
    i can't imagine the beauty of the time u spent with your gorgeous baby girl dd :)
    she must be sooo big :)

  2. looks great!


  3. Love the felt leaves Karen, great idea to use paper on the back to stiffen them up!
    Great textures on your cards too...I really need that EF :)
    Jenny x


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