Sunday 14 April 2013

New Flip-It Dies

While I don't have access to my studio for another few weeks, I do have a few supplies to play with. One of them is my Big Shot, and a couple of NEW Sizzix dies.  :-)  This card was made with one of them ...

The dies are the new Sizzix Flip-It's Dies, and the finished card is approximately 5x5". There are a couple of different shapes, I bought this one and a rectangle one. There is also a flower, heart, circle and square but I exercised a little restraint, ha ha. They can lift up from the top, as I did with this card, or from the side. So quick and easy, and such a fun interactive card!

Since I can't get to my Spellbinders dies, I had to improvise the embellishment on the front of the card, using bits and pieces cut away from another one of my new Sizzix dies.  More on those another day.  :-)  The pretty 3-d stickers are by K&Co, as is the patterned paper. The ribbon? I didn't have any of that either, but I did have a new tank top.  The ribbon came from the pieces they sew in to help hang the clothing without slipping. Didn't need it for a hanger and rather than toss it I added it to my (tiny) embellishment pile.  Came in handy for this card!

The pictures aren't the best - sorry about that ... I'll try to do better with the next card I show using these Sizzix Flip-It dies. And I can't wait to get back into my studio and play with them using the stuff I have in there! 

Basically you lift up that top flap, and the center piece flips and rotates. The picture above shows what the reverse side of the fancy cut-away piece looks like, while the card is opening. Tthe bottom pic shows it fully open.

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  1. fantastic- never saw it before
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