Thursday 18 April 2013

Another Dog Die

So I have a confession.  When my Mom offered to buy me the Sizzix Puppy Dog die (see HERE and HERE for cards using the die) she said I could also pick out a die for her to give me for Mother's Day.  YAY!

I did.  Yay!

I couldn't wait until Mother's Day to use it though ...  I know, I know. But it's SO cute!

We are going to have a house FULL of company in the coming weeks, and I had to buy another set of dishes. I kept a little bit of the corrugated cardboard from the packing material since I can't get into my studio so don't have a stash of fun things to use on my cards.  It worked out pretty cute for this first time using the Sizzix Scottie Dog die.

The kraft card base is from a packaged set (Hobby Lobby) and is slightly smaller than A2.  It is a really nice quality card stock though, so I can live with the size.


I didn't add any words to the inside, as I'm thinking of using this for one of our Father's Day cards. I will need six of them, as my Mom will need three and so will I.  Once I get back in my studio next month & check my card stash, I will know who this card will go to and can finish off the inside.

I have actually used this dog die a couple of times already! Last night I went to a friends for a dinner party, and I like to bring their dogs some treats. I used this Sizzix Dog die to create a cute embellishment for the front of the box, but was running late and didn't have a chance to take a picture before I left the house. I will share pictures of the other projects another day.

***Edited to add ... I decided not to use this for a Father's Day card and popped the card into my stash for when I need a masculine card.

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  1. this dies are wonderful- never before saw such one!
    Hello from Elma


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