Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Jasper is a year old now!

He has reached his full size - which is bigger than we thought he would be - and he has a beautiful coat. Oh Jasper ... he is a handful though! We had company staying with us last month, and they said a couple of times "We don't know how you do it".  :-)  Somedays, neither do I.

Jasper tries really hard to be a Good Boy. He is such a happy little fellow, and when he gets into mischief he is always surprised that I am saying "NO", or taking the kleenex/toilet paper/sock/face cloth/ pen/etc from him. But he shakes it off and happily heads off on his next adventure.

Like a toddler -- if it's quiet and he is not in my direct line of sight, I have to go find out what he is up to. And it's usually trouble, ha ha.

Now, if we could get the house training thing down - life would be easier. He has it completely figured out in the city. But we get to our cabin and he has NO idea that he needs to be doing his business  OUTSIDE. We are at our wit's end!  However, today's post on one of the vegetarian blogs I follow was about seeking help when we are overwhelmed.  I think I will  contact the breeder and see if she has any tips, tricks or suggestions.

So far, Blogger seems to be working exactly the way I want it to ... so if this posts OK, I will know that I am back in Blog Land!

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