Sunday 24 February 2013

Doggie Love Note

I have been away from my studio, so haven't had much to share lately. Today's share is a quick and easy card ... a 'Love Note' that I can send to our Grandbabies when we are away. I want them to know the excitement of receiving some Real Mail as many of their friends will never know that feeling in this age of email, messaging, Face Time and Skype.

Haha, I can see I added the wrong watermark to these pictures - I used my knitting blog info instead of this one. But if I take the time now to re-do it I won't have any computer time left!

I think these dog stamps (from Inkadinkadoo) are so fun and this one will make Olivia shout "puppy puppy puppy". 

I penned the words inside, and added some different shades of green chalk to select words.  It was a fast and easy card, using scraps from my Odds & Sods pile. Even the scallop label was in the pile, so I don't know which Cricut cartridge it came from.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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