Wednesday 9 November 2011

Ladies Loom Knit Hat

I've hat this hat done for awhile now - it is for our Craft Sale, but if it doesn't sell I'm keeping it for ME. I love it - it is SO soft and cuddly and warm.

I mixed a brown alpaca wool with a wonderful multicoloured yarn I found at a little yarn store. It is thick and thin and ranges in colours from brown and grey through to purple and pink! The full range of colours don't really show up in the photo's though.

I crochet a double flower and sewed it on with a button. 

I had some of the soft brown yarn left and was going to put it in a baggie to save for another project. It disappeared when I went for the baggie, and by the time I found it Jasper had made quite a mess of the leftover skein.  Sigh.  He sure had fun with it though.

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  1. What a beautiful hat! Do you have the pattern that you can provide?

    1. Thanks Monica! Unfortunately I don't have a pattern and I made this before I started keeping track of such things in a notebook. I would love to make this again, and if I had kept track I'd be able to.
      It looks like I used a garter stitch for the brim (1 row e-wrap, 1 row purl) and the rest of the hat was done with e-wrap holding both strands together on the Knifty Knitter Green loom.
      I didn't even make a note of the web-site where I found the crochet flower pattern, which is very disappointing.
      Cheers, Karen

  2. This is a lovely hat! I too would love the pattern if you have made another since 2013.

    1. Hi - I have made other hats since then, but I don't usually duplicate what I've done and since I didn't take notes on this one I couldn't duplicate it anyhow! I find hats on the Knifty Knitter Looms are easy to figure out and make your own. Cheers!


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