Thursday 10 November 2011

"Homemade Fudge" Bars

I made some of these last year for our Christmas Craft Sale, and they sold out right away. So - I did them again this year, only this year I made more of them.  :-)

I did not come up with the verse, I saw it in several different versions all over the web. I may have tweaked it a little - but it's the same verse as last year's purchased chocolate bars. They were wrapped up with sparkly Christmas scrapbook paper, and tied with a pretty ribbon bow.

These chocolate bars are huge. I mean HUGE. Here you can see it against a normal sized chocolate bar. They are nice and heavy too - so it feels like a substantial gift.  I hope they sell as well as they did last year!

These ones have a pared down version of the poem. These bars are what I would consider a LARGE chocolate bar. They sold out last year too.

Again, wrapped with sparkly Christmas scrapbook paper, and these ones have a Nestability label cut out of red to mount the verse on. I used Sizzix snowflake dies and pretty sparkly red sheer ribbon.

I have had these stored in a plastic bin all week -- no way I was taking a chance on mice getting in the house and nibbling on all my hard work. The bows will all have to be adjusted before I lay them out for the sale but other than that - they are done!!

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  1. Chocolate makes a great gift but decorated chocolate makes a fantastic gift! These are bound to sell out again Karen but I'm sure you can find a use for any left over...!!

  2. Great idea Karen, they look so pretty as a gift all wrapped up in the patterned paper :)
    Hope you keep the mice at bay!
    Jenny x


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