Wednesday 26 March 2014

Shimmer and Velvet and Pivots - oh my!

Good morning friends!

I was tidying up from making a birthday card, and had this 4-1/2 x 12" strip of floral paper leftover. So I decided to trim it to 11" long and make a QUICK A2 card using the Butterfly Pivot die.  That's the joy of the Pop it Ups Pivot dies ... you can make a 'wow' card in just minutes.   Especially when you use a lovely patterned paper.

I hope you like THIS patterned paper, because you will be seeing a lot of it. A LOT. I meant to order 3 sheets, but somehow ended up ordering 30.  Yes, three zero.  Good thing I like it!

Elizabeth Craft Designs sent their new Design Team a welcome package (which was incredibly generous of them) and in it were some Shimmer Sheetz. Also some Self Adhesive Velvet Paper. I have not had the desire to use Shimmer Sheetz before, but I have to tell you ... I cut a butterfly overlay from one and I was hooked!  I wanted to switch things up for this card though, so cut the butterfly silhouette (the solid part) out of a pink irridescent Shimmer Sheetz.

I often mention how I like certain items because they 'catch the light' when the card is turned, and the Shimmer Sheetz are no exception. They are a highly reflective, shiny and irridescent mylar product. 

While I could have added a black butterfly overlay, I decided to use the light blue Velvet sheet. I have made a couple of things with the velvet sheets (for future ECD Blog posts) and really like the stuff. It's cuts like butter, and it's self adhesive!  For this card, I like the soft contrast of the velvety outline on the shiny butterfly base.  The butterfly bodies were simply cut from scraps of black card stock.

I added a 1-3/4" strip behind one of the butterfly openings to make the card a little more sturdy.  Usually I like the open look that you get from the Pivot does, but this one seemed to need that backing strip to balance those soft and shiny butterflies.

It's amazing how easy it is to mix and match the dies in the Pop it Up series, so I used one of the labels from the Katie Label Pivot die to stamp 'Happy Birthday' and set it off the one edge. I could have left the overhang, but I wanted this to fit into a standard A2 envelope so trimmed it off.

Finally, here are the views of the card from the top and the back ...

When I went to put the card in my card box, I saw my new 'Wink of Stella' glitter brush pen sitting there, so brushed a bit of shimmer onto the black butterfly bodies. Other people have said it about the 'Wink of Stella' and now I'm one of them ... these pens are ADDICTING!

Supplies used:
Butterfly Pivot - Pop it Ups, Karen Burniston (Elizabeth Craft Designs)
Katie Label Pivot (for label) - Pop it Ups, Karen Burniston (Elizabeth Craft Designs)
Shimmer Sheet - Elizabeth Craft Designs
Self Adhesive Velvet Paper - Elizabeth Craft Designs
Patterned paper - Basic Grey
Word stamp - Papertrey Ink
Wink of Stella pen

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  1. you used so wonderpull papers - like this kind of cards
    Hello from Elma

  2. such a fun card, like you I now love shimmer sheetz and Velvet paper :)

  3. OH, Karen, this pretty paper has been catching my eye for a while.
    This card by Alice is one of my favorite uses of this pretty paper.

    WOW...Karen, you purchased "30" sheets of it!!! How FUN!
    You've used it SO beautifully on this butterfly card!
    I look forward to seeing how you will use your remaining 29 sheets of it. :-)

    1. That's a beautiful card Martha - thanks for sharing the link. Yeah, thirty 12 x 12" sheets ... that's gonna make a LOT of cards! :-)

  4. Holy cow, 30 sheets.....on the bright side, you can make lots of floral cards with that. Such a pretty card with the Shimmer Sheetz & Velvet.

  5. Holy cow 30 can certainly make lots of pretty floral cards with that amount. The Shimmer Sheetz & Velvet really add so much to your card.


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