Saturday 28 July 2012

Songbird Spinner Card Number 3

If you know me, you know I like to 'keep my head in the sand' and I don't worry about too much. My niece is the same, but she has a way more fun description: She lives in a snow globe.  So now, like her, I live in a happy little snow globe. Last night we took our guests out to our cabin and that is where I heard two sentences I never thought (or wanted!) to hear. Words that SHOOK MY SNOWGLOBE!!

As my husband took the dogs out back to pee (on leashes) - the next door neighbor was out on his deck calling for them to "Get back in the house, there is a grizzly bear in your back yard".

Yes, that was the first sentence.

The bear was moving fast though and there was no time for even a glimpse of him -- and as I called to report the sighting there were car horns blaring from the highway. He must have made it safely across  - whew!  (Haha - I like to think he went ACROSS rather than turned around to come back through!!)

WOW! As we turned to go back in we thanked our neighbor for the warning. He said - and here is the 2nd sentence ... "Yeah, there was a cougar in the back yard last week".

Sigh. It's going to take a long time for my snow globe to get back to normal.

Onto something far less dramatic - I have another Songbird Spinner Card to share today:

This is a 5 x 6.5" card made using the wavy spinner track by Papertrey Ink. It's just plain fun to watch the bird twirl back and forth.  :-)

The bird itself was hand trimmed from one of the papers in the Songbird paper stack, and the rest of the papers are from there as well.  To see the first two Songbird Spinner Cards, click HERE and HERE.

The birthday words are also by Papertrey Ink. Maybe it's a good thing that their shipping to Canada is SO expensive as I'm becoming more and more of a fan of their products.

Now - I'm going to sit on the deck and fight off nothing bigger than a mosquito while I wait for my snow globe to stop swirling around.  ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. that such nice + funny card

    Hello from Elma

  2. Aaargh! Bears and cougars?! Sometimes I feel glad to live somewhere where the most dangerous thing I'm going to come across is a hedgehog! Love your cute bird spinner card - ALL your spinner cards are fab Karen!


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