Wednesday 20 June 2012

Vacation Scrapbook Pages

Several weeks ago I was working like mad on a digital scrapbook that was printed into a hard cover book. I haven't downloaded the photos of the finished book yet, but here are two of the pages from the book. Note, I blurred the faces of the people in the picture since I don't have their permission to post their photo online. I find it very distracting, but ...

The album is going to be a gift for our daughters in-laws, and contains their photos of their trip to Canada in February.

Last year I inadvertently reformatted my external hard drive and lost all my digital kits. Everything gone, in a matter of seconds. I was able to gather a few that had been backed up on CD, so now I don't really keep track of whose products I used. I just go through the files (since there aren't very many, ha ha) and use items from various designers and various companies to work into the layouts.

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  1. like your LO!
    Hello from Elma

  2. Looks amazing Karen, what a wonderful gift and keepsake :0)
    Jenny x


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