Thursday, 28 July 2011

Mini Composition Book #1

I found these CUTE little composition books ... they are only 3.5" wide!  (Shown here with a 6" ruler)
I am SUCH a sucker for notebooks, note pads, list pads -- well, pretty much anything paper.  :-)

I bought several of these little treasures thinking they would be fun to alter and put in our Christmas Craft Sale ... so this is what I came up with for the first one:

No layers or anything that would get caught up in a purse, since the paper (K&Co) has the blue metallic pattern it's more for an adult. I die cut a tag from another strip of the paper (backed with white card stock) and tied some pretty fibres through the top.

Last year at the sale, I found people liked to be told what everything was. So rather than have them guess that this was a bookmark to keep in the note book, I made these labels on my computer (snowflake graphic by Lettering Delights) and used a Nestability to cut it out and attach to the outside of the packaging.

So ... one more thing to add to my (rather bare) stock for the sale.  

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  1. love it dear, love those mini's I enjoy making them too

  2. Beautiful Karen - and such a good idea to add a bookmark!

  3. they look nice- I like the blue one much more

  4. Fab gifts for a sale they are just the sort of thing people would want to buy. I love notebooks too....well stationary shops in general really :)
    Jenny x


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