Wednesday 7 March 2012

Ivory Scarflet and Crochet Flower

This was a Christmas gift for my cousin. She had bought a cream crochet hat at a craft sale, so I made this to match - using a pattern by Brenda Myers. My cousin loves bling. Her Granddaughter Shae calls her Grandma Bling, ha ha.  So I added shiny gold buttons to her scarf. The crochet flower has a gold button with a rhinestone and a pin at the back so she could add it to the center of her scarflet or onto her hat!

Again, the thing I love about this pattern, is that the collar can be turned down or left up. She was so happy with her gift - I wrapped it together with my Moms and they opened them together. :-)

I have a new project on my loom right now, and hope to share pictures soon.

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. looks nice - and the little flower make it perfect
    Hello from Elma

  2. What a super gift, I love the colour and touch of bling
    Jenny x


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